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Fixoo 3 in 1 ANTI-FALL SYSTEM Magnets For Glasses & Sunglasses

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$29.99 USD
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$29.99 USD
Choose For Plastic or Metal Glasses or Sunglasses



Practice any Sport, with your Optical glasses or Sunglasses in the use position, go to the pool, beach without any worries of losing or dropping your glasses. Having them secure fastened in your shirt’s collar or on top of your head, you will not leave them behind and always have them “HANDY” when you need them most. Attaches your Glasses at the hoof of the car with the magnetic support as well. 

The Accessories PERKS – The First Kit Anti-Fall you can fix one Glass, it is a self-Install Kit and you have 6 Magnets inside the three parts.

The Last Accessory Perk Kit Anti-Fall you have 34 Magnets inside all the parts. This is huge…! 

The Kit Anti-Fall accessories are self-installed on the eyewear’s temples with a convenient Installer Tool provided in the packages. 

Prescription Glasses or Sunglasses:  We cover all, METAL Frames, PLASTIC frames, WOOD.

Give life to your dearest glasses that you like, we don’t want to lose it and want it always by our side.

The Sunglasses PERKS – We have the FIX-OO KIT Installed on most sold models of Ladies, Mans, Sport and Unisex. These modern models from our collection are nicely matched with the soft silicone Kit color.

Ladies, Mans and Sport glasses to wear with your soft cord, for radical moves. The cord allows you to wear it on top of your head as well, be cool and have it securely held.

These 3 solutions are real and work perfectly!

Glasses always “HANDY” no Fall, no misplacing Headache. We will change the world… We are going to revolutionize the way of Eyewear use (just about time). 

For Installation Guides Follow the link below.



Three Novel Inventions in one package, you can wear it in your shirt, head and  also attaches your eyeglasses at the hoof of the car with the magnetic support as well. 


Place at temples to hook tight in your shirt’s collar. This way you can still play your activities or just continue your schedule without worrying about your eyeglasses.


You can wear it as a bracelet as well, with the easy magnet clip system.. FIXOO holds the glasses on the top of head as well.


Attach it to the car’s dash or hoof. Even besides the bed. (Holds 2 glasses).