• Conventional Lenses vs Shamir Digital Lenses

    EyePoint Technology III® makes it possible to offer buyers, especially those with higher Rx’s, a “real world” view of objects in their environment. Shamir Autograph® III – SV is not a “one size fits all” design; myopes and hyperopes receive a specialized solution to ensure their view of the world around them is similar.

  • Ask about our new Transitions Gen 8 Digital Lenses

    Our fastest lens delivering all the benefits that patients want: protection, outdoor darkness, full indoor clarity, responsiveness and long-lasting performance.


    Most of us spend many hours a day sitting in front of a TV, computer screen, tablet, or smartphone. If you spend hours a day in front of a screen, sooner or later, you are likely to feel discomfort in your eyes including soreness, fatigue, and blurriness. Some blue light exposure is important as it helps regulate our sleep and helps stave off depression. The problem with blue light from digital devices is that it is a lot of focused and continuous blue light in a way we don't experience in nature. Shamir Blue Zero allows for ultimate protection from blue light while maintaining nearly clear lens clarity. We are excited about the opportunity to provide our clients with this level of protection. Just as sunglasses are important outdoors, Shamir Blue Zero is just as important indoors.